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Business Introduction

  • Core Portfolio & New Growth Portfolio
  • Investment in areas where immediate synergies are expected due to high relevance to an existing business model

  • Long-term Investment in areas where innovation is expected – i.e. innovation in technology, business model and demand

  • Core Portfolio

    Energy, Chemicals, ICT and Logistics Service

  • New growth portfolio

    Bio·pharmaceutical, Materials and New Energy

  • Energy and chemicals

    SK is expanding our footprint in the high value-added chemical business such as battery and LNG, and embraces green technology and innovation. We provide a variety of products and solutions befitting the needs of customers and markets. Our goal is to grow to become a top global energy and chemical company. To this end, we will discover new opportunities through ‘Global Partnering’ to advance our business model.

  • ICT

    SK is growing into a leading company of digital innovation powered by ‘Data’ and ‘Digitalization.’ We utilize AI, block chain, cloud and big data to integrate technology capabilities within the SK Group, and expand our investment portfolio with the focus on Digital Transformation. Our effort to deliver greater customer value is also notable in the ICT-based platform business, for example media and security.

  • Logistics and Service

    With the goal of business model innovation, we lead the paradigm shift (e.g. smart city or sharing economy), and offer service that meets the social needs and new behavioral patterns. In addition, we apply environment-friendly practices to all business activities including the operations and maintenance of logistics facilities.

  • Bio·pharmaceutical

    SK’s new drug development journey started in 1993 in central nervous system. SK’s bio·pharmaceutical business has been growing fast since 2014 when we established a strong foundation for independency. We boast strengths in new drug research and development. (e.g. Successfully winning NDA approval and financing the commercial launch). In addition, we have built global CDMO networks with the acquisition of AMPAC Fine Chemicals and BMS’s Swords facilities. Our goal is to grow into a global FIPCO (Fully Integrated Pharmaceutical Company), covering the whole value chain from new drug development to manufacturing and marketing.

  • Materials

    The materials business involves all materials used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. SK Inc. entered the materials business by acquiring SK materials (materials) and SK Siltron (wafer). With the successful acquisition of SK Siltron, we made inroads into the rapidly growing wafer industry. SK’ acquisition of the domestic company holds significance because this played a key role in preventing core technologies from being leaked to other countries and securing a stable supply of materials in the domestic market. These efforts serve as the foundation for SK to grow to become a global total materials solution provider. Going forward, we will leverage our core technologies to expand the scope of our business to include the emerging, high value-added areas such as battery materials.

  • New energy

    SK has core competencies and extensive knowledge in the LNG industry. Our business covers the entire value chain. We are proud to be the number one in business competitiveness and profitability in Korea. And with the stable demand and strategic partnerships, we are well on our way to become the global top ten LNG player handling 10 million tons. Our plans include investment in next-generation energy such as energy saving and all-solid-state battery business.

  • Mobility

    We entered the global car-sharing business with the launch of SoCar Malaysia. And since the investment in the Southeast Asian ride-sharing company, Grab, we have been accelerating global expansion. Such investments have helped SK enter and expand the footprint in the future mobility area. The car-sharing industry is at the center of investors’ attention. It is because the industry leads the global sharing trend and addresses various social issues such as environmental pollution caused by car ownership.