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Business Introduction

SK Inc. is a Sophisticated Value Investor in pursuit of the happiness of stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees and members of society. To live up to our commitment, we will continue to pursue innovation and Deep Change, and reshape the portfolio to be more growth-oriented – what we call ‘Portfolio Migration.’

  • Pursuing Happiness throughDeep Change
  • Investment

  • Value-up

  • Portfolio

  • Investment

    : Discover and foster new growth engines as the major pillars of our business
    : Secure the foundation for sustainable growth

  • Value-up

    : Integrate SK Inc.’ portfolio management capabilities with SK C&C’s ICT capabilities
    : Drive up value by transforming the business model of portfolio companies

  • Portfolio optimization

    : Make a preemptive exit move from marginal assets to realize profits

  • Securing New Growth Engines for SK Group

    The scope of our business portfolio spans across various areas: energy and chemicals; information communications and materials; and logistics and service. And we make a strategic, long-term investment to secure sustainable growth and stability.
    Going forward, we will nurture and make investment in areas with high growth potential such as bio·pharmaceutical, materials and logistics infrastructure. Our effort includes securing core technologies to strengthen competitiveness, attracting strategic investors for global expansion, and working with partner companies to enhance SK’s value.

  • Improving Portfolio Management

    We will continue to advance the value-driven portfolio management. This is to ensure a strong corporate governance, financial stability and solid management.
    We at SK Inc. will continue the effort to increase corporate value. To be more specific, we will reshape our portfolio to place more weight on promising areas with high growth potential, preemptively improve business management, and restructure the portfolio to secure resources for new investment.