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Sustainability Management Strategy

SKMS (SK Management System) is the foundation of SK Inc.’ sustainable management

SKMS is SK Group’s unique business management system established in 1979. It has since served as the foundation for SK’s sustainability and growth. SKMS is what makes SK’s corporate culture in that it functions as a decision-making guidepost for people at SK. SKMS reads that: ‘a company should continue to pursue stability and growth to ensure perpetual existence and development. And a company shall create value to its customers, employees and shareholders, thus contributing to the social and economic development and greater happiness for all.’ Under this philosophy, we are committed to pursuing sustainable management.

Vision for Sustainable Management

Sustainable Happiness for All Stakeholders

  • Shareholders

    Ethical Management


  • Customers

    Customer-Centered Management

    Value Creation

  • Employees

    Human Resources Management

    People & Culture

  • Business

    Win-Win Partership

    Winning with
    Our Biz.Partner

  • Environment

    Green Management

    Toward Zero

  • Local

    Social Contribution

    Social Investment

Sustainable Management Strategy

SK’s sustainable management strategy is categorized into six areas in which each dedicated team carries out projects to realize ‘sustainable development and stakeholders’ happiness.’