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Code of Ethics

We Take Pride in Our Ethical Management

Based on SKMS, we strive to create greater value for all of our stakeholders, play an instrumental role in social and economic
advancement, and contribute to the wellbeing of humanity. In this context, we established the Code of Ethics to serve as our guide in
pursuing and maintaining integrity in all of our everyday business decisions and actions.

Guiding Principles for Our Employees

We, as the proud members of SK Inc., shall faithfully perform our duties with a sense of responsibility and belonging

  • We shall value fairness and transparency in every decision-making and action.
  • We shall respect fellow employees and actively cooperate to create an inspiring organizational culture.
Pursuit of Greater Shareholder Value

We shall work to ensure transparent and efficient management to create greater value for our shareholders.

  • We shall maximize our corporate value through continued innovation and efficient management and share the outcomes with our shareholders.
  • We shall ensure transparent management led by the Board of Directors and respect our shareholders’ reasonable requests and suggestions.
  • We shall create all of our management-related materials in compliance with relevant laws and standards and faithfully disclose related data as mandated by law to protect our shareholders’ interests.
Pursuit of Coprosperity with Business Partners

We shall seek to build a win-win relationship with our business partners and play fairly against our competitors.

  • We shall offer equal opportunities for all of our business partners, refrain from abusing our superior position, and pursue mutual interests and coprosperity.
  • We shall engage in competition in good faith with our competitors based on mutual respect.
Pursuit of Superior Customer Experience

We shall focus on enhancing customer satisfaction to earn customers’ trust and ultimately achieve continued progress with them.

  • We shall take various customer’s feedback into consideration and reflect them in our business activities.
  • We shall securely protect our customers’ assets and personal information based on relevant laws and our internal regulations.
Pursuit of the Wellbeing of Society

While making contributions to economic development, we shall remain dedicated to bringing positive change to our society by practicing management aimed at growing and thriving together with the communities we serve.

  • We shall strive to ensure the wellbeing of the entire society by engaging in a wide range of community outreach activities.
  • We shall advance social progress through eco-conscious management.
Supplementary Provision

The Guidelines on Practicing the Code of Ethics shall be put into operation to help our employees accurately understand and comply with the Code of Ethics.

  • This Code of Ethics shall take effect on October 1, 2008.

We set the highest standards
in corporate ethics based on our ethical management system.

Ethical Management System

Code of Ethics

    • Surveys on ethical
      management practices
    • Ethical training
    • Whistleblowing channels
    • Management diagnosis
      and auditing
    • Self-correcting system
    • Disciplinary actions
      and sanctions
    • Follow-up measures

      · Promote, share, and disperse

      · Feedback to achieve a virtuous circle

Ethical Management Assessment Procedures
Developing quantitative and qualitative
assessment tools to help accomplish targets
Identifying current status and
analyzing results by item
Establishing goals to rise as a global leader
and measures to reach the goals

Anti-Corruption Policy

For pursuing sustainable happiness of employees and stakeholders and realizing social value through ESG business management,
SK Inc. establishes Anti-Corruption Policy as below.

  • 1.All of our employees shall be prohibited from engaging in any corruption-related act.
  • 2.All of our employees shall abide by both domestic and international laws and our internal regulations and policies applied to business activities in relation to corruption prevention.
  • 3.We shall establish an anti-corruption management system that meets global standards and closely monitor its operation to continually improve our anti-corruption practices.
  • 4.We shall ensure that our whistleblowing system is operated properly and that well-intentioned whistleblowers are effectively protected so that our employees can feel comfortable voicing their concerns without fear of retaliation.
  • 5.We shall take appropriate disciplinary action strictly against personnel who violate he anti-bribery policy and explain the consequence
  • 6.We shall ensure the authority and independence the organization and personnel in charge of the anti-bribery
  • 7.Our executive management shall spare no effort in ensuring the efficient operation of the abovementioned anti-corruption measures.

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